IACUC Protocol Submission

IACUC Protocol Submission

To submit a new Animal Use Protocol or an amendment, annual review report, or closure request for an existing study to the UNT IACUC, please use the most recent version of the forms posted and send to untiacuc@unt.edu

  • Submissions must be completely filled out, signed by the Principle Investigator, and submitted with any applicable attachments as an Adobe pdf file. 
  • New protocols are approved for a maximum of 3 years, and the progress of ongoing studies must be reviewed by the IACUC annually through submission of an Annual Review of an Animal Use Protocol form by the Investigator.  Studies that exceed 3 years must fully re-submit a renewal protocol prior to the expiration of previous protocol.  Should there be a lapse between the closure of a study and the approval of a new submission, all work must stop and any animals on the study must be transferred to the UNT IACUC Holding Protocol.

Review Process

Submissions will be reviewed in the order they are received.  A pre-review for completeness and compliance will be performed by an IACUC Administrator before the documents will be sent to the committee.  The committee will then review submissions through a process called Designated Review, Full Committee Review, or Veterinary Verification and Consultation. 

Submissions going through the Designated Review process will be sent to all committee members, if members do not request that the submission be reviewed at a full committee meeting, the Chair will assign one or two members to review the submission.  Once reviewers have completed their assessment of the documents, they may approve, request modifications, or request that the protocol be reviewed by the Full Committee process through the IACUC Chair and/or Administrators.

Submissions that are deemed to require Full Committee Review will be sent to all committee members at least 2 weeks prior to a committee meeting.  Investigators may be notified when their submission will be reviewed by Full Committee and are invited to attend the meeting to answer any questions the committee may have.  The committee may vote to approve, deny, table, or request modifications on any proposal.  Principal Investigators will receive the outcome of Full Committee review from untiacuc@unt.edu.

Once a submission has been approved, the Principal Investigators will receive an official approval letter signed by the committee chair.


Animal Use Protocol Application 

Animal Use Protocol Amendment Form

Animal Use Protocol Annual Review Form

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