Reporting Animal Welfare Concerns

Animal Welfare Concerns

The University of North Texas is committed to the humane and ethical treatment of animals. In the case of emergencies or to report concerns related to the care and use of animals, animal health, or environmental conditions, please contact one of the following numbers below. Individual(s) reporting concerns do not have to identify themselves, and the University will, to the maximum extent possible, protect the privacy of those who report concerns. 

Research Integrity and Compliance (940) 565-4643

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee  (940) 369-8374

UNT Attending Veterinarian, Dr. Egeenee Daniels  (817) 735-2017

UNT Trust Line, University Compliance and Ethics 1-877-606-9187

Report to the Trust Line

Make a Report

All reports will be referred to the UNT Denton IACUC for review and, if warranted, investigated to determine the appropriate corrective actions needed.