Tissue Protocols

Tissue Protocols

In accordance with federal regulation, any research that requires tissue/specimen sampling from an animal or that an animal be euthanized for the purpose of post-mortem tissue collection must also receive approval from the IACUC. 

Animal Tissue Use Application

Tissue sharing is strongly encouraged whenever possible by the UNT IACUC in an effort to reduce the number of animals used for research. Should samples be taken prior to euthanasia from an animal on another study, the animal(s) must first be transferred to the appropriate protocol via the Animal Transfer Form. All transfers must be approved by both Principal Investigators and a UNT Veterinarian to ensure that animals are not overused. 

Animal Protocol Transfer Form

Shipping and receiving of animal tissues/specimen must also be conducted in accordance with university and federal safety and importation guidelines. Shipping of biologicals requires annual training through Risk Management Services.

Risk Management Services Trainings