The UNT Denton Vivarium is a dedicated facility for housing research animals on campus that receives financial and administrative support through The Division of Research and Innovation. The Vivarium includes animal housing suites and a surgery suite with 24/7 environmental and security controls. Investigators conducting animal research will be charged per diem rates for usage of this Vivarium facility.  

Vivarium Access and Training

 In order to gain access to the UNT Vivarium Principal Investigators and their staff must:

  • be on an approved IACUC protocol
  • have completed the appropriate CITI training in the last 5 years
  • be enrolled in the UNT Denton Occupational Health and Safety Program for Animal Workers annually (including Tetanus immunization record within last 10 years)
  • complete vivarium orientation
  • complete any hands-on training as needed per protocol

Should you need any specialized training in the use and handling of research animals, contact:


Office: 940-565-2852