Collaborations across the globe and nation are important to advancing the research mission of the University of North Texas. These collaborations enrich the academic and research environments, foster diversity, help to develop professional relationships, and enhance UNT’s research mission.

What is a Visiting Scholar?

A visiting scholar is not an employee of UNT or The UNT System. International visiting scholars come to the University of North Texas on a temporary basis to collaborate on research and scholarly topics of mutual interests or to work on specific research to be conducted within university facilities. The hosting of visiting international scholars is encouraged when consistent with the mission and desired outcomes of UNT and when the College/Departmental units can provide adequate space and resources to the international visiting scholars.


Faculty Host

The UNT faculty with the primary responsibility of facilitating the visiting scholar. The faculty host serves as the administrative liaison between UNT stakeholders and the visiting scholar during his/her/their visit.

Host Unit

The faculty host’s Department, College, Institute or Center at UNT, which is responsible for the cost, administrative, and regulatory responsibilities associated with a particular visiting scholar.

International Visiting Scholar

A Visiting Scholar who does not meet the definition of a U.S. person in the Export Administration Regulations (EAR; 15 CFR § 772.1) or the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR; 22 CFR §120.15) and so may require additional immigration documentation. “A U.S. person is a U.S. citizen, a lawful permanent resident alien of the U.S., or a refugee or someone in the U.S. as a protected person. Any non-U.S. corporation, business association, partnership, trust, society or any other foreign entity or group as well as international organizations and foreign governments are considered “non-U.S. person(s).”

Sponsored Program

Internally or externally funded activity conducted in research, instruction, training, or public service conducted under a grant, contract, or cooperative agreement. This is typically obtained as a result of a formal application and approval process.

Visiting Scholar

An individual who conducts research or other scholarship activities at UNT on a temporary basis that is not a UNT Faculty or Staff member, vendor or other contracted trainer, that is not considered a Visiting Professor per UNT policy and procedures, and that is not a UNT student.

Inviting an International Visiting Scholar

All international visiting scholars on campus who will have access to UNT research UNT facilities and resources must have prior approval from the department or division head, the dean, and the Division of Research.  Although international visiting scholars are not employees of UNT, through the appropriate approval process, they can be allowed access to University facilities and resources and may be issued an EUID that will allow them to obtain an official UNT email address and access UNT systems.

All individuals assigned under a visiting scholar title are subject to and are required to observe all applicable federal, state, and local laws, including, but not limited to, export control laws and regulations, and requirements of the University of North Texas rules, policies, procedures, and regulations, including intellectual property rights and obligations.

There are also some fundamental considerations when you bring a visiting scholar to UNT. These include, but are not limited to, potential liability of the host, potential liability of UNT, intellectual property and technology transfer, conflicts of interest, and insurance.

Obtaining Approval

Prior approval must be obtained before extending an invitation to a visiting scholar. The decision to host an international visiting scholar is not a unilateral faculty decision. This decision requires the input from many UNT stakeholders. The hosting faculty member is responsible for obtaining key information from the potential visiting scholar and for being engaged in the approval process. The information gathering, review, and approval must precede a formal invitation for the scholar to visit UNT.

The faculty host must gather key information related to the planned visit. This must be submitted on the following form for review and approval:

Visiting Scholar Request Form

  • On this form, the faculty host must provide a summary research plan, approximately one paragraph in length, that includes:
    • The anticipated timeline of visit;
    • The planned activities and outcomes for both academic (i.e. if they want to guest lecture in a class) and research goals; and
    • The source of funding, if any.
  • The faculty host must inform and obtain approval from the Department Chair.
  • The form must be submitted to the Division of Research and Innovation (DRI) for review. After the DRI reviews the request, decisions will be communicated to the department. Approvals will be sent to the department to use as part of the DS-2019 Request process in iNorthTX.
Post Approval

When the international visiting scholars request is approved by the International Office, the hosting faculty/department may extend an invitation to the scholar to submit the DS-2019 and other documentation required for approval by the University and the U.S. Department of State.

Protect Sensitive Research Areas

Sensitive research areas, such as intellectual property, must be considered when assessing the propriety of the visiting scholar’s presence. Academic units must protect sensitive areas of research.

  • Such guidance can include in-house deliberation and/or implementation of a memoranda of understanding.
  • The Department Chair responsibilities include evaluating and determination of whether workspace is available for the visiting scholar.
  • The Research Commercialization and Agreements ( and Research Integrity and Compliance ( units within the Division of Research and Innovation can brief academic units and hosting faculty as needed for this process.

Faculty Host and Department Chair Responsibilities

The Faculty Host and the Department Chair are responsible for compliance with all local policies and procedures related to hosting a visiting scholar at UNT. Additionally, they are responsible for compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations related to hosting a visiting scholar and for collaboration with the visiting scholar. Please thoroughly read all UNT policies and procedures related to hosting a visiting scholar.


RIC SOP 10.01- International Visiting Scholars- Please contact Jamie Peno at for an updated copy.

Scholars Checklist- Please contact Jamie Peno at for an updated copy.


Contact for Questions:

Jamie Peno
Assistant Vice President, Research Integrity and Compliance