2024 Research Magazine

Photo of okra in the UNT community garden
Photo of Yuzhe Xiao
Firefly A horizon made of computer chips that has glowing lightbulbs rising from it
Photo of ceramics piece titled “LC 50”
Image illustration of world map with icons representing UNT research added
Stock photo of jet
Photo of an American kestrel bird
Photo of Shengqian Ma
Photo collage of UNT alumni innovators
Photo of Roisin C. McGarry and Brian G. Ayre
Photo of UNT student researchers
Photo of the UNT E^2 Electronics Ensemble running through their show during a rehearsal
Garrison Gerard in front of mountain
Stock photo of freshwater prawn
Photo of a CVAD class using AI in art creation
Photo of Melanie Ecker
Photo of UNT researchers and city of Lewisville representatives in front of Glory Park
Photo of Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity volunteers building a house
Photo of UNT professor Moo-yeal Lee and student Sunil Shrestha in the Bioprinting Lab
Photo of UNT PACCAR Professor of Engineering Anupama Kaul talking with students in a lab.
Image illustration of health literacy
Stock photo of surface of the moon with Earth in the background
Image illustration of people climbing a
Stock photo of books on a bright yellow background
Photo of Paul Krueger
Photo of UNT chemistry professor Omar Valsson
Photo of the UNT Advanced Air Mobility (UAAM) test facility
Stock photo of food and fiber
Photo of bolo ties in the