Research Continuity and Mitigation due to COVID-19

Research Reopen Plan

A new comprehensive webpage was created on the principles, stages, and special topics of the UNT plan to reopen research.

The Research Reopen Townhall was held on 5/6/20 - the recorded meeting is viewable here.

COVID Response Guidelines provided by the UNT System can be found here

Official Communications to UNT Research Community

As noted by the President’s address and other messages to the university COVID-19 is impacting normal operations and procedures at UNT. As of March 25, Denton city has enacted a shelter in place order. Please refer to City of Denton guides. The Division of Research and Innovation has been working with academic units and developing operations to continue service to our UNT research community. Here, we will provide guidance and updates.

Funding Opportunities for COVID-19 - View funding agency communications on Requests for Information (RFIs) and Requests for Proposals (RFPs) that have been released in response to COVID-19. 

The Division of Research and Innovation hosted a zoom meeting on Tuesday, March 31st, at 11 am CST to discuss research opportunities related to the COVID-19 crisis, the agenda from the call can be found here.  The zoom call transcript is available upon request, please contact Naomi Wood at for assistance.

Mark McLellan, Vice President of Research and Innovation communications

At this time, UNT is on restricted access for researchers and only essential research activities (maintain equipment and organisms). If you were deemed essential research personnel, you will receive an ID card that must be carried with your UNT ID if you are on campus.

March 23rd Continuity of Research Townhall Meeting 

Recording of the Continuity of Research Townhall meeting on Monday, March 23rd is available.

March 21st Message from VPRI Mark McLellan 

This communication provides guidelines for a campus in-laboratory research ramp down. Refer to Lab Ramp-Down Checklist below for guidance. All "in-person" human subjects research must cease. Electronic communications and remote work for human subjects research is allowable.

March 18th Message from VPRI Mark McLellan

This communication provides additional guidelines for all campus researchers.

March 17th Message from VPRI Mark McLellan

This communication provides additional guidelines for researchers involved with human subjects.

March 16th Message from VPRI Mark McLellan

This communication outlines guidelines for researchers within laboratory and other research spaces and general guidance for researchers involved with human subjects.

Best Practices and Special Planning for Researchers

As part of mitigating the impact COVID-19 has on UNT research, we asked faculty to submit research continuity plans so they could communicate their contact information and research continuity needs when UNT operations moved to a reduced or restricted access. This information should have been provided to your departmental chair and AVPRI

Research Guidance and Precautions - please visit this page for ongoing research guidance and precautions. Highest priority is being given to all inquiries, submissions, and modifications related to COVID-19.

Human Subjects Research Guidelines - the human subjects team has established IRB guidance for current studies. 

Animal Subjects Research Guidelines - the IACUC team has established  IACUC guidance for current animal studies. 

Federal Funding Agency Communications - this COGR (Council on Government Relations) page is focused on communications that have been released on proposal deadlines and business continuity by federal agencies.

Funding Opportunities for COVID-19 - this page is focused on communications related to funding. These can appear as Requests for Information (RFIs) and Requests for Proposals (RFPs) that have been released in response to COVID-19. 

Laboratory Ramp-Down Checklist - in the event of a closure, use this checklist to assist with the process within your lab.