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The Research Computing Services team in the Division of Research and Innovation offers access to High Performance Computing (HPC) resources, big data management, and application of visualization tools for various research applications. This department is also staffed with two research scientists highly experienced in advanced computational methods and ready to support UNT researchers with implementing high performance computing methods in their research projects.



The Partner Model

UNT’s HPC offers a wide variety of services at no costs for researchers and academic groups on campus. These entities formulate all requirements for their HPC environment which are then used by the HPC group to define the hardware configuration. UNT HPC is not contractually related to any hardware vendor and negotiates the best price with all major vendors on the market. The partner is presented with the best offers for a one-time investment for the actual computer hardware. All services to integrate the computers in an end-to-end solution are covered by UNT HPC.

While the partner uses the specialized environment exclusively it is still possible for them to access generic nonexclusive resources available in UNT’s HPC system at no cost if needed.

These services include:

  • Compute CPU Resource
  • Compute GPU Resource
  • Data Storage (Archive and Online)
  • Consulting/Programming/Web
  • Network Costs
  • VM Hosting
  • PHI (Protected Data)


Service Rates for UNT Denton Campus
Compute CPU Resource 1SU; $0.30 node/hour
Compute GPU Resource 4SUs; $1.20 node/hour
Data Storage


Consulting/Programming/Web (At cost, hourly rate)
Network Costs $0 unlimited ingress/egress
Price for VM Hosting $180/1-vCPU/1-GB RAM/year
Price for PHI (Protected Data) 1.5x normal charge rate (Compute or data storage)











More Information


Photo of woman (Ana Paula Alonso) working in greenhouse and touching flowers  Richard Herrington, Ph.D.

  Research Scientist III

  Phone: 940.565.2140

  Email: richard.herrington@unt.edu


  Yuguang Ma, Ph.D.

  Research Scientist II

  Phone: 940.565.6115

  Email: Yuguang.Ma@unt.edu