Foreign Talent Recruitment

Foreign Talent Recruitment

A Foreign/international talent recruitment program (FGTRP) is an effort organized, managed, or funded by a foreign government, or a foreign government instrumentality or entity, to recruit science and technology professionals or students (regardless of citizenship, national origin, or full-/part-time status).

FGTRPs raise U.S. sponsor concerns when they appear to operate with the intent of acquiring proprietary technology or software, unpublished data and methods, or other intellectual assets to further the military and/or economic goals of a foreign government through actions including, but not limited to:

  • Incentivizing/compensating the FGTRP participant to relocate physically to a foreign country in order to import/acquire the proprietary technology, software, etc.;
  • Allowing for or encouraging the FGTRP participant to receive U.S. Federal research funds while concurrently working at and/or receiving compensation from a foreign institution for the same, or similar, work;
  • Directing FGTRP participants not to disclose their participation to United States entities;
  • Compelling FGTRP participants to enter into contracts that conflict with their responsibilities to UNT, or that are disallowed by UNT.

Compensation may include cash, research funding provided directly to the individual and not through UNT, access to research facilities or other in-kind support, honorific titles, career advancement opportunities, promised future compensation, or other types of remuneration/consideration.

UNT researchers are advised that participation in an FGTRP must be disclosed to the University by completing the International Affiliations Disclosure Form and to federal sponsors in Biosketches and Current & Pending/Other Support, if applicable (email GCA for info). 

Federal governments consider this disclosure in determining funding.  Failure to disclose participation in an FGTRP has resulted in legal action by the U.S. government against researchers who are engaged in federally-sponsored research.

Contact if you need assistance determining whether an activity or relationship may be considered a foreign government talent recruitment program.