Collaborative Research Units

Collaborative Research Teams

Collaborative research units are multidisciplinary research teams who closely work together on challenging issues. Collaborative research is necessary to find solutions that meet societal needs, and UNT researchers draw upon their unique strengths to grow research areas and solve significant problems facing our state and nation.  

Center for Integrated Intelligent Mobility Systems (CIIMS) 

The university is encouraging integrated, intelligent mobility systems such as Connected and Autonomous Vehicle research, spanning a number of disciplines including engineering, business, science, information, and health and public service. Researchers and students are working collaboratively on the complexities inherent in the field, including the technology itself, the data collection that helps drive its development and planning, and the policy and business practices necessary to support it. Contact Dr. Andrey Voevodin if interested in joining this research team. 

Applied Artificial Intelligence Center

UNT's approach to artificial intelligence involves collaborations among faculty from colleges such as business, engineering, and information who are exploring subjects including machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, data analytics, and big data and system integration. The collaborative efforts that come out of this research team have the potential to connect and engage diverse academic, corporate, and government stakeholders across the state. In doing so, UNT hopes to develop a one-stop shop for businesses looking to solve problems using artificial intelligence. Contact Dr. Anna Sidorova if interested in joining this research team.